DonDNS - Free Dynamic DNS Service

    DonDNS for OpenWRT

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    1 Introduction

    With the free DonDNS script, you'll have your PC accessible from everywhere, even if your ISP changes your IP address on every connection.

    Use one of your domains as a CNAME to access your PC from the Internet. You won't need to remember your IP address anymore.

    2 Installation

    DonDNS OpenWRT HowTO

    2.1 For "normal" users (without https authentication)

    Using the LUci web interface:

    Select Services -> Dynamic DNS
    Set "Enable"
    Set "Service" into "custom"
    Set the "Custom update-URL" to "[USERNAME]&password=[PASSWORD]&host=[DOMAIN]"
    Set the "Hostname" to the domain name to update
    Set the "Username" with MrDomain username
    Set the "Password" the DonDNS key
    Set the "Source of IP address" to "network"
    In "Network" select "wan"
    Set the other elements to defaults

    NOTE: this option may no longer be available in the future

    2.2 For "expert" users (with https authentication)

    2.2.1 Only for OpenWRT versions equal or greater than 15.05

    Enter into OpenWRT via SSH:

    Install curl via opkg ( opkg install curl ) Edit the /etc/config/ddns file and set as follows:

    config service 'myddns'
    option interface 'wan'
    option force_interval '72'
    option force_unit 'hours'
    option check_interval '10'
    option check_unit 'minutes'
    option retry_interval '60'
    option retry_unit 'seconds'
    option enabled '1'
    option username '<DonDNS username>'
    option ip_source 'network'
    option ip_network 'wan'
    option domain '<domain to be updated>'
    option password '<DonDNSKey>'
    option update_url '[USERNAME]&password=[PASSWORD]&host=[DOMAIN]'
    option use_https '1'
    option cacert 'IGNORE'

    And that's it, every time the WAN interface it's enabled, the DNS will be updated.