MrDomain's API

    Usage policy

    This is the usage policy for our API for managing domains and services. This policy has been created to ensure a proper and fair use of our services and to help create new integrations on our customer's systems.

    1 Intended audience

    Our API for third-parties is intended to be used to develop applications by our customers, which may include distributed and non-distributed products in some way related to the MrDomain's API service.

    Examples of this applications may include without limitation:

    • Customer libraries
    • Desktop applications
    • Services and daemons like websites or web services
    • Scripts and applications/utilities without compilation

    MrDomain reserves the right to modify the location and definition of what constitutes an application and MrDomain's API at any time.

    2 Service availability disclaimer

    MrDomain does not guarantee the availability of any information, functionality or characteristic provided by or through the API. Moreover, MrDomain may revoke API access or disable partially or completely the API without prior notice.

    The applications will need to fulfill the following access requirements. These requirements have been designed to ensure that all API users can have a proper access to the API.

    • Access to the API will be limited to 3 concurrent connections and IPs.
    • It's not permitted to access the API using multiple access methods, including making requests usign multiple API users or performing more requests than allowed by the previous condition. Applications may not use third-party services to perform requests on their behalf.
    • Applications may not sell, share, transfer, or distribute access keys.

    Applications may be classified, under MrDomain's sole criterion, to increase or reduce the allowed number of requests to the API. Furthermore, MrDomain reserves the right to revoke all access to the API without prior notice.

    3 Negative impact on services or customers

    Applications may not negatively affect, under MrDomain's sole criterion, the performance or capabilities of MrDomain's services, including services being provided to other customers.

    4 Affiliation with MrDomain

    Applications may not imply any kind of association or aknowledgment by MrDomain.

    5 Names, titles, and trademarks

    Applications may not have names or titles based on MrDomain's trademarks, or taken from MrDomain's products like their name or part of it.

    6 License

    Applications using MrDomain's intellectual property, like MrDomain's API resources, require a license for such use. MrDomain may, under its sole criterion, require any application using its intellectual property to be removed and to cease distribution.

    7 Policy compliance

    MrDomain is commited to maintain its systems and services integrity, as well as providing a secure and fair environment for our customers. In consequence, any violation to the present policy may result in MrDomain taking appropriate action, including legal actions if necessary.