DonDNS - Free Dynamic DNS Service

    DonDNS for GNU/Linux

    Download from GitHub

    1 Introduction

    With the free DonDNS script, you'll have your PC accessible from everywhere, even if your ISP changes your IP address on every connection.

    Use one of your domains as a CNAME to access your PC from the Internet. You won't need to remember your IP address anymore.

    2 Download and installation

    You can download the script directly from here.

    To install the script it must be placed in any folder and give it execution permissions in case it already doesn't have them:

    chmod +x ./

    3 Usage

    3.1 Automatic IP

    This way the IP of the DNS zone for HOST will be updated with the IP of the machine where the script is executed.


    3.2 Fixed IP

    The same than the last example but the IP will not be automatically assigned. Instead you provide it using an argument:


    3.3 Use a config file

    If you don't want to always specify a username and DonDNSKey, it can be given via a config file that can be used like this:

    ./ -c FILECONF

    The other options can be specified with the same config with different hosts:


    The default config file is:


    3.4 CRON

    To launch the scipt automatically you can add a CRON job adding this line to /etc/crontab:

    */5 * * * * user test -x /etc/dondominio/ && /etc/dondominio/ -c /etc/dondominio/dondomcli.conf