DonDNS - Free Dynamic DNS Service

    DonDNS with DirectUpdate

    Automated DNS Zone updates now also from DirectUpdate

    1 Introduction

    DirectUpdate is a third party software that works with a ton of domain registrars and Dynamic DNS services. MrDomain is also supported by this software, so you can update the DNS of all your domains registered in MrDomain using this program.

    This will allow you to access your home network and your computer from anywhere, even if you ISP changes your IP address.

    2 Installation and configuration

    To install DirectUpdate go to their official webpage and download the software. Follow the instructions from their webpage.

    Add MrDomain

    Right now MrDomain is not integrated in the program, so you'll have to follow these simple 4 steps in order to have it set up:

    • Create a file with Notepad and call it
    • Edit this file and copy&paste the following:
    ; Display name
    ; Remove features (0x7 means Wildcard + MXExchanger + BackupMX)
    ; 20013 is "Key:"
    Ret0=0x00000000, 0, 0,Operation done correctly
    Ret1=0x81850191, 1, 0,"DonDNS API Key disabled"
    Ret2=0x81850191, 1, 0,"Incorrect data"
    Ret3=0x81830068, 1, 0,"The DNS Zone doesn't exist"
    Ret4=0x81830068, 1, 0,"Incorrect data: host
    Ret5=0x00000000, 0, 0,"success":true
    Ret6=0x81830068, 1, 0,Domain not found
    Ret7=0x81830082, 1, 0,"Wrong key"
    • Move this file to the installation folder of the program, usually: C:/Program files/DirectUpdate v4/dns/.

    • Restart de DirectUpdate engine by right-clicking in the system tray icon and selecting Stop engine. Do it again clicking Start engine.

    • Now you can add a DNS zone to update. You can follow the steps in the DirectUpdate official webpage