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    User Manual for ClientExec Registrar Plugin

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    1 Introduction

    This is the user manual for MrDomain's Registrar Plugin for ClientExec.

    This plugin adds the capability to register, transfer and renew domains from ClientExec using the MrDomain's API. It also adds capabilities to manage Nameservers and Domain Contacts directly from within ClientExec.

    1.1 Getting started

    The plugin uses the MrDomain's API to work. You will need an active MrDomain's API account, with user and password, to make it work.

    1.2 Disclaimer

    ClientExec is a registered trademark of ClientExec LLC. MrDomain isn't part nor is otherwise affiliated in any way with it. For more information on ClientExec software, visit their official website.

    2 Installation

    To install the plugin, download the ZIP file from our Github repository. Once downloaded, unzip it. You should end up with a folder named dondominio. Copy this folder to your plugin directory on your ClientExec installation, usually /path/to/clientexec/plugins/registrars/.

    Once the folder is copied, access your administration panel on ClientExec and go to Settings > Plugins > Registrars. On the dropdown, select DonDominio.

    You'll see multiple options. Write your username and password for MrDomain's API on API Username and API Key fields. Below these fields you'll find 5 more configuration fields. You can use these fields to overwrite contact information provided by your customers. If you want to let your customers modify this information later, check the corresponding checkboxes for each field.

    Plugin Settings

    2.1 Configure TLDs

    To use TLDs with MrDomain, you need to configure them to use the plugin. Go to Settings > Products > Products. In this screen you'll find several options.

    2.1.1 Add a new TLD

    Click on the Domain Settings (Domain) dropdown and select Add new product. A new screen will appear to create a new product under this group with the following options:

    TLD: The TLD you want to configure (for example, .com)
    Singup order: Leave the default values
    Welcome E-Mail: (optional) Enable this option to send a "Welcome" E-Mail to your customers

    When you're done entering the parameters for the new TLD, click on Save Changes.

    Once created, click on it from the product list under Domain Settings (Domain) to access more settings. Click on Advanced & Plugin Settings and then on Registrar Plugin (Automatic Registration). Locate DonDominio on the list, select it, and click on Save Changes to confirm these settings.

    TLD Settings

    2.1.2 Edit an existing TLD

    Click on any TLD unser the Domain Services (Domain) dropdown to edit its settings.

    Click on Advanced & Plugin Settings and then on Registrar Plugin (Automatic Registration). Locate DonDominio on the list, select it, and click on Save Changes to confirm these settings.

    Now the TLD is ready to work with MrDomain.

    3 Additional fields

    Some TLDs require additional fields that are not included by default on ClientExec. To add these fields just follow these indications: click on Settings > Products > Custom Fields, and then on Add custom field. Write the name of the field and click on OK, and then click again on the field's name to edit it. Disable the All Product Groups box and enable the Is Required box.

    Custom field

    When you are finished editing the custom field, click on Save to apply the changes.

    Depending on which TLDs are you going to support with MrDomain, you will need to add some fields for additional information for them. It's recommended to create a new group for each TLD.

    The following table shows the necessary fields for each TLD:

    TLD Fields Type
    .aero Aero ID
    Aero Password
    Intended Use Text
    .jobs Registrant Website
    Admin Website
    Tech Website
    Billing Website
    Contact Info Text
    .ltda Authority
    License Number
    .ru Issuer
    Issue Date
    .xxx Class
    One of: default, membership, nonResolver

    All of the fields are required, with the exception of Name, Email and ID for .xxx domains.

    3.1 Customer additional fields

    There are two fields that you need to add to the customer information in order for the plugin to work properly: VAT Number and Date of Birth.

    To add them, go to Settings > Users > Custom Fields and click on Add custom field. Write the name of the field exactly as VAT Number and Date of Birth (one at a time) and check the Is Required and Include in Signup boxes on the next screen. Additionally, for Date of Birth, select Date on the Field Type dropdown. Click on Save when you're done, and the fields will be added to your customers' information.

    3.2 Product groups

    To create a new product group and associate custom fields with it, go to Settings > Products > Products. Click on Add product group to create a new group, give it a name (for example, .com domains) and select Domain on the Type dropdown. On the bottom part of this dialog screen, click on Custom Fields and select the fields you want to use with this extension.

    Group Settings

    When you're done creating the new group, click on Submit.

    The chosen fields will appear when registering or transferring a domain with this extension.

    3.3 Handling errors

    In the event of an automatic process failing, it's possible to manually repeat the operation. Click on the a domain on the domain list, and in the information screen click on Plugin actions and select Register. The domain will be attempted to be registered or transferred again.

    4 Domain importer

    ClientExec features a built-in domain importer. The ClientExec Registrar Plugin from MrDomain supports this feature.

    4.1 Using the Registrar Domains Importer

    Click on Settings > Utilities > Import data, and then, on the left tabs, on Registrar Domains. Once the screen is loaded, click on the Select Registrar: dropdown, locate DonDominio in the list and click on it.

    A list containing all domains registered on your MrDomain account (that aren't on your ClientExec database) will appear below this dropdown. You can select any amount of them from the list and then click Import.

    All the selected domains will be created in your ClientExec database. ClientExec will try to assign them to existing customers. If the customer isn't found on the ClientExec database, it will be created and then the domain assigned to it.